My name is Nguyễn Hải Sơn,

I do not dream my films, I make them. 

It has been four years since I started making my first movie and this art-form soon becomes my passion for life. After carrying out several small projects as well as being camera-assistant for various studios in Viet Nam, I am able to found and manage my own team specialized in photographing and video-making. We accept visual communication work for many events and projects across the country. This website provide my work of art in the Portfolio.

My Skills


I have four years of experience producing various videos and movies.


I always work and train to horn my skills of performing camera accurately and beautifully.

Team managing

I have good interpersonal as well as communicative skills to manage a team.


In addition to camera-operating, I am also proactively learning editing in order to producing my own movie.

Why Choose Me?

perfect equipment

1 SONY α7S II camera body, 3 Camera lens (SONY 16-35mm, SONY 85mm, Rokinon 35mm T1.5 Cine)

1 Drone Mavic 2 Zoom, 1 Gimbal Crane 2

High-quality service

You would pleased with high-quality services I provide – idea-planning, script-writing, photographing, video-taking, editing, producing and so on!

Creative content

I never stop motivate myself and my team to innovate as well as diversify products.

Professional skills

With 4 years of experience in visual communication field, I continue training and mastering my potentiality for higher degree.